Development integration of the car communication Telematics device

Summary: The car Telematics has served and combined communication, information, control and mechanical technology, in order to use the car people have offered melting in right time, position and individualized application service. Receiving the fixing one’s eyes on extensively of information and Communication industry at present, and the owner invests the development that resources carry on products and market gradually. Keyword: Car; Telematics; GPS

The car Telematics has served and combined communication, information, control and mechanical technology, in order to use the car people have offered melting in right time, position and individualized application service. This, for auto industry, it is an extremely exciting new development; Auto industry will step out traditional selling and maintaining operation through Telematics service, do further contact with the customer, make more camp to accept. And for information and Communication industry, the office, family and personal information service have already been succeeded in expediting child delivery and developing gradually, the information service market on the car but it is still a virgin land waiting to be opened. Receiving the fixing one’s eyes on extensively of information and Communication industry at present, and the owner invests the development that resources carry on products and market gradually.

Type Telematics services of Fig. 1 Telematics service are quite diversified, and can be said in the platform where all Communication service depended on on the car in Telematics device. These services probably include the following several fields: *Navigation; *Multimedia; *Vehicle information and diagnosing; *Wireless Communication and digital content; *Safe and saving the service from damage. In order to let us have a preliminary understanding on device of Telematics, it is a background of reading this article to regard as, do a simple introduction to two representative Telematics devices here.

Telematics that Fig. 2 OnStarOnStar is the global maximum serves, regards customer service center as and serves the foundation, the service of offering regards saving and the security from damage as the basic shaft. Get used to for the consumers that adapt to North America area, has adopted three buttons simplified very much to design. The device of OnStar also includes GPS’s positioning, vehicle network, pronunciation identification and hold-free earphone mobile phone.

Fig. 3 OnStar device G-BOOK is a new Telematics service promoted by Japan Toyota car. Serve with OnStar such Telamatcis based on customer service center to compare, G-BOOK is based on Internet, services offered are more abundant, more similar i-Mode digital content service of taking action. So, it is the pluralism on the device even more. For example, installation of production line, distributor install and sell and obey various models such as the market. In the map stores, there is SD to navigate, DVD navigates and HDD navigates etc. and parts. In the Communication mode, there are built-in Communication modules, general mobile phone and blue tooth mobile phone,etc. part. In a word, such a device is that a kind of function is various, the cool Japanism products that dazzled of model. Telematics device is usually a kind of embedded system, develop the question that the embedded system must face, Telematics device must be faced too. Do not go to see the common technological project of those general embedded system here, but direct against the applied special consideration of vehicle, do elementary analysis.

The choice of the hardware platform is in PC industry, the choice of the operation platform, the choice of only processor and relevant reference design, it is quite definite; Do not probably just take off those several kinds of Intel or AMD. But the hardware of the embedded system needs in the face of different demands of all kinds. Accurate to select to surely accord with the customer and operation platform of the products demand. It is a quite important thing. Can use the intersection of QFD and the intersection of quality and function launch, or other various habitual appraisal analyze meter come, analyze following odd factor, look at different projects to increase and decrease every factor, determine the weight of every factor, must publish the desired result finally. The requirement for the vehicle specification vehicle specification is numerous, the most key one is certainly the temperature. Especially operating temperature. Though change to some extent depending on demands of different customers, the generally commonly used standard is from minus 40 degrees centigrade to 85 degrees. This pair of calorific power more high central processing unit, must be especially considered. The interface demand is undoubted, the interface demand is a very key factor too. May especially be required some especially a bit interface; For example: High-speed the intersection of image and interface, the intersection of CAN Bus and interface or even the intersection of MOST and interface. How the operation platform offers the interface, must carry on assessment in advance. The hardware that is operated embedded system of system support is developed and closely linked to software, whether the operation platform can support the desired operating system, certainly it is an important consideration too. It is different to follow Taiwan Windows CE or Linux with habitual industry, Telematics device commonly used operating system is QNX or Wind River,etc.. So what kind of operating system is wanted, be able to support the operation platform of this operating system to must choose, in order to raise the efficiency that resources are invested.

Fig. 4 G-BOOK

Fig. 5 G-BOOK device data source: One of the characteristics that is the car products of supplying and having long performance life long-term part. Not like IT industry, the new products are put out, the old products will be eliminated soon. The car products should consider the products from two to three are protected firmly, the products maintenance in ten years; If the part supplier has no idea to supply the part for a long time, make much trouble in the future for oneself at that time. The cost summarizes so much consideration, can calculate development and cost at stage of batch productino, see whether can be accepted. The reason why automobile industry still can keep making a profit, because has started the tight production cost to control and manage extraordinarily for a long time, accuracy some of cost estimation preferably at the beginning.

The power management of power management is another important technology in Telematics device. The storage battery of the car is larger in capacity, perhaps the so such as mobile phone or PDA one haggles over every penny, but the car will probably park and will not use for a long time, in order to guarantee the engine can still be started smoothly after parking for a long time, Telematics device must do appropriate design and planning in power management. (Fig. 6) It is an example that QNX offers, certainly, this must still match the appropriate software to realize, also the demand that must see the customer does appropriate revision.

Sound and Camera Singal that sound and image manage on the vehicle are numerous, in order to present a human-machine interface easy to use to the user, some Telematics devices must deal with these sound sources with the image source, and presume the mechanism controls and manages its switch of opportunities. For example, pour vehicle hour, need, switch to the intersection of roll back and the intersection of camera and image, either telephone switch to the intersection of hold-free earphone and mode,etc. voice and image at the incoming telegram. Until here might need, deal with several and integral image and the intersection of voice and source act as a tabulation, put in order.

Fig. 6 QNX power management example data source: acoustical signal: *CPU AC97/I2S; *Mobile phone module PCM / simulation; *Microphone audio frequency of the mobile phone; *The intersection of CD and the intersection of changing defective pieces and the intersection of plane and simulation / figure; *Sound head machine of shadow or radio module PCM / simulation; *MPEG Decoder digital audio; *Audio frequency of 5.1 sound channel Decoder figures / simulation. Camera Singal: *CPU image exported; *MPEG decipher chip image exported; *CVBC image of the changing defective pieces machine of the CD is exported; *The camera image of roll back is exported; *The shadow sound head machine CVBS is exported; *OSD image.

The systematic operation framework is designed after the mechanisms of the operation platform, power management, image and sound management define that finish, need, do pieces of integration, and at the same time the car body signal, for instance trigger mechanism such as report controller, roll back, handbrake or small light are considered together, finish the intact systematic operation framework to design.

Fig. 7 supports oneself in legal location of boat and GPS fixed integration synoptic diagram data source:

The pick device of pick device is an important and expensive n order system n on the vehicle. Perhaps the general GPS’s positioning can meet PDA navigating machine’s demands, but can’t meet the demand that position automotive.

1DIN navigating machines in Japan Pionner of Fig. 8. Built-in automatic telescopic screen. Data source: There are several master reasons, first, GPS framing signal is positioning once per second; It is moreover a error probably among five to 20 meters; Three is in the urban area, tunnel full of high buildings and large mansions, all difficult to position in the mountain area or BLDG for GPS; Find the satellite signal and positions and finish taking several dozen seconds and depend on characteristic of GPS pick device finally. But automotive to position, require more smoothly, accurately often. Take navigation feature as examples, in a periodic second in the GPS’s positioning, the vehicle moves distance of ten to 30 meters, add itself error of five to 20 meters, if the vehicle just passes through a bent angle at this time, the picture of navigating may be presented to one kind user and draw retracted the feeling of the correct position excessively first and then. Meanwhile, the customer may not be certain to tolerate in the urban area or unable to position in the tunnel on the products that the vehicle navigates, also may not be certain to like to accept GPS more long positioning time. Whether must rely on supporting oneself in the legal location of boat at this time, or is called a location method that inertia positions. This kind of location method is to use the pointing to of the built-in gyroscope detect locomotive of the system, in addition, is taken from the speed signal of the vehicle, come to calculate from position of car, direction advancing and mileage advancing.

9 devices of in-building type screen 2DIN G-BOOK device data sources on Camry of Fig.: the location method have many means too at detail that realize, signal close, quite some original skills exactly with GPS. These methods answer the scheme differently to habitual GPS, must often rely on the hardware and can be reached with the high integration of the software.

The device data source of Fig. 10 HONDA Internavi merging type:

The mechanical constructive arrangement of mechanical constructive arrangement Telematics device is quite interesting too. Exclude portable homing device, several kinds under Telematics mechanical constructive arrangement of device can probably be divided into: DIN size DIN size is mainly divided into 1 DIN two kinds 2 DIN, 2 DIN model is apter to make into the integrated machine, that is to say the overall system is constructed and pretended to be one 2 DIN size box, it is easier to install, relatively received by car factory of now favourably. A few car factories will require 1.5 or 1.8 DIN. But quite rare. And no matter which DIN size aircraft type planted, each divided into two kinds in-building type screens or externally-connected screens. Person who merge, for cooperate with vehicle install unique style that design inside, though the intersection of device and constructive arrangement of itself 2DIN still in majority, but know the design of the control desk in integration in some appearances of new Telematics device. In other words, engaged in the intersection of Telematics and development of device, can’t only contact device perhaps, also will be necessary to go to make other parts of vehicle to develop. Hidden such device may be installed in any place of the vehicle, the certain position depends on disposition which the car factory appoints. On it put carriage behind sometimes,it put sometimes in according to after on mirror, put at seat sometimes, will form the intact system by distributed constructive arrangement sometimes. OnStar beginning to be been introduced belongs to this formal Telematics device. In a word, the constructive arrangement of Telematics device is changeable, there is its special skill in every kind of constructive arrangement. For example, will pay special attention to the appearance plastic member to is heated and accepts the material deterioration after drying in the sun for a long time soon in constructive arrangement of the DIN form or merging type. Again for example, because 1 DIN is small, must usually shift out the host computer some parts or module; How to move to avoid the difficult and transmissive deterioration of signal installed. For example, how should the exquisite automatic telescopic screen give consideration to cost, compacts and endurance life again. Question these will cost equivalent time, money and manpower, could find out the most appropriate answer.

The vehicle environment corresponds to the specific environment of the vehicle and can be divided into five categories generally: *Electrical behavior; *Temperature; *Machinery; *Chemistry; *EMC (including regulation and customer’s norm) . The test conditions of these specific environments also look at different customers, and different markets change to some extent, and none’s standardized test specification. Generally speaking, it is lower to sell and obey the product specification that the market uses, and norms in OEM car factory are rigorous and many. Several important international organization standards can be regarded as and consulted, including SAE, JASO, ISO, IEC, ECE, EEC,etc.. But these standards are only for reference, final customer’s acceptance standard (Customer Acceptance Criteria) Must act as the intact negotiation with the customer, define according to the customer’s requirement. In these conditions, the most crucial one is the temperature (including accelerated ageing is verified, HALT) And electrical behavior norm. Although other partial verification can’t say it is out of question, more notice while only designing, usually will take place, can influence the intersection of system and structural great concern.

The software development technology of software development Telematics device is actually close with the development technology of the embedded system too; Construction, writing of driver program, development and software quality test of utility program of all operating systems, there is high communicating. The consideration that it is safe compare because special place, the development of the human-machine interface must be very exquisite on Telematics device. A fine Telematics device human-machine interface must reduce the distractible intensity when using; Must let user operate if necessary, can let completion operation of user quickly, and what made the user very easy obtained and operated repaying with the eyes, ear and hand, and also let users not need operation method of memory. But the unity that will give consideration to the human-machine interface and appear in the picture on the style again at the same time. Certainly, are limit to the goods and develop various restrictions on, but these conditions may not be certain to fit the customer’s requirement. For example, in order to ask the human-machine interface that the whole automobile is to all have a similar style, perhaps the customer will sacrifice on the specific product remarkable man-machine interface design is uncertain too. Though Telematics device quites some distinctive qualities to develop technology, before entering a technical field, must hold the important key principles of several pieces of project management first, propose correct guidance for technology and product development, could let the whole development item enter the commercialized stage for batch productino. These principles include: There must be sufficient product planning, the real demand for exploring the market. Only explore the customer and demand of the market carefully, make the products requirement according to the demand, and then the systematic framework of foundation of finding out a synthesis and considering, could reduce the product development risk, create the customer’s long-term value. It is selected operation platform and operating system that careful otherwise, perhaps must often change the basic framework of the system, make the project group difficult to train the precise experience specially; Follow-up in products expand development have, may take place problem too. The worst situation is that the product development fails. In the automobile industry, product development fails representatives not only can not help the company to bring the camp to accept, may even procrastinate the listing time of style of the car factory, destroy car factory’s intact marketing and camp and accept the plan, the consequence is quite severe. Large-scale carrying on the technological cooperation Telematics industry with the partner is that one kind steps the field, cross-cultural family property. How the intersection of integration and different language these, idea different, culture different group work together, it is really a challenge.

Can’t follow the mechanical interface of the vehicle with the combination of the vehicle without holding and ignoring absolutely, what has been made the car getting cleverer really good to combine electronic interface and information interface Telematics device, it is unable to let user not enjoyed! ” Happy use experience. Respect the steady and safe movements of automobile industry of qualitative requirement of the car are slow, the style is guarded. This is because the vehicle development cost is extremely high, the brand image is so important, add closely linked with personal security, so and must be very careful at being safe in quality. IT take risks much actively at the relative product. The practice of the so quick step, must do a adjustment on the automobile industry, reach a balance point that everybody can accept. A sincere one bring for customer long-term the intersection of value and the intersection of car and factory make a fortune resolutly. Telematics device is as the same. As soon as after all once the products went on the market, it was the life time of products during the following ten years that was faced. To the attention of the long-term partnership, it will be the key to obtaining the income. Actually the car has already entered the era of meagre profit to accord with the cost of market demand. The height of some truck factories or relevant enterprises of car makes a profit, a reason among them is controlling and managing accurately to cost. Telematics device no matter how exquisite the design is, how strong the function is, an appropriate cost, will offer more opportunities that the products succeed by a wide margin.

The Communication Telematics system automotive is a car electron in future to conclude the speech ” >A great focal point of electronic industry’s development of the car, its market potential is quite surprising, but to manufacturer wanted to throw into, focal points needed paying attention to are quite a few, from the choice of the hardware platform, respects such as power management, sound, image management, systematic operation framework design, pick device, mechanical constructive arrangement, vehicle environment corresponding to, software development,etc., a lot of technological obstacle and bottom sill on the market wait to break through, the more important thing is car and Hi-Tech industry culture differ widely, there must be practical cognition, see through constant Communication and cooperation, could overcome the obstacle one by one. (selected works this, ” the the intersection of spare part and magazine “, author hold a post on the intersection of Taiwan and labour saving grinding the machinery of institute)

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